What is Church Membership?

We appreciate the definition of church membership given by Ryan M. McGraw on the subject: “A covenant made by a public vow in which a person commits himself or herself to a local body of believers under the authority of a well-defined group of church leaders.”

Why should I consider becoming a member of the church?

Of course, we invite you to get to know us first: our mission, our beliefs, our values, and how we follow Jesus together.  But there are several reasons a person may be motivated to pursue church membership:

  1. Interdependence ~ We need others and they need us like each member of a body is dependent on the other members.
  2. Identification ~ To be a Christian is to be part of a family. Membership provides an intentional means to express and live out that new identity.
  3. Designation ~ We designate who our leaders are, and designate to the leaders, who is part of their local flock.
  4. Involvement ~ Membership provides a well-defined means for those committed to a local body to participate in major decisions that have eternal impact for its members.
  5. Steadfastness ~ We commit to intentionally carrying out the 59 “one another’s” in the New Testament such as bearing burdens, forgiveness and submission.

How can I become a church member?

The process of becoming a member includes: attending a membership class, reviewing and signing the membership covenant, meeting with a pastor, and being affirmed by the existing members of the church.  If you have further questions, please contact Adam Collins at (530) 263-7188.

Membership Packet