Our Core Values

Core values are the constant, biblical, core beliefs that drive our ministry and ignite our passion to accomplish God’s purpose in and through our church.


We believe that the gospel is not merely the “ABC’s” of Christianity, but is the “A to Z” of Christianity. While it is tempting to elevate other important, but secondary values, our goal as a church is to prioritize and keep the gospel central in everything we believe and do.

Genuine Community

We believe that the church is a community formed by the gospel that does life together, and not merely a place or an event. Therefore we seek to be the church, rather than simply go to church. In order to be the church, we desire to develop relationships of truth and grace that extend beyond Sunday mornings and foster a genuine community of Christ-followers.

Authentic Mission

We believe that how we seek to accomplish God’s mission in this world is important. Starting in our own city and spreading out into the world, we will seek to foster Christ-like love for others that motivates us to serve sacrificially, and proclaim the gospel consistently in word and deed.


The Great Commission motivates us to be a church that pursues multiplication: disciples who make disciples, leaders who develop leaders, and a church that plants churches. We seek to expand God’s Kingdom by investing our time, treasure, and talents in helping people be transformed by the gospel both locally and globally.

Organic Ministry

We believe that ministries should serve people, rather than people serving ministries. An organic approach to ministry prioritizes spiritual vitality over empty activity, Spirit-led ideas over human ingenuity, and the gifts of the many over the gifts of the few. Therefore, we want to develop and nourish ministries that foster spiritual growth and expand God’s kingdom.