About Us

“I have come that they may have life and have it in all its fullness” John10:10

Early Christians pooled their resources to help members of their group meet their living needs. Today, many still look to the church as a source of help in time of great need. By coming together as a community, everyone is lifted up by giving, supporting or sharing.

Our offering, Veritas, is designed to bring all members into a community focused on wellness – physical, mental, financial and spiritual. We have brought resources together in one place for our members that

  • - Provides a sense of “Community”
  • - Promotes family and Christian values
  • - Delivers a strength of unity
  • - Assists in the development of the church as the Center
  • - Facilitates health care programs for members
  • - Identifies care services and support networks

With great vision, our leadership includes pillars of the Community with longstanding devotion to our values and desire to fulfill our mission

  • - Jonathan Falwell, Senior Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Chairman, The Rawlings Foundation
  • - Duke Westover, former Chief of Staff to Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr.
  • - Carl W Townsend, ordained pastor, revered advisor to ministries throughout the world
  • - Dr. Dilan Ellegala, M.D, Neursurgeon, Founder of Sonospine
  • - John J. Springman, IV, J.D,

Echo World Comm, LLC, an organizational member of the American Advantage Association, is pleased to be able to deliver the AAA platform of benefits to our Community.

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