Veritas Alta™ Classification

Automated data classification that minimizes compliance risk and maximizes data's value.

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Make more informed decisions with cloud-based data analytics.

Veritas Alta™ Classification enhances storage optimization, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, data security, and more. Through automated data classification via expert-trained systems and artificial intelligence, Veritas Alta Classification empowers organizations to make intelligent decisions regarding compliance risks and data security.

Automate compliance and eDiscovery across your entire organization.

Seamless Integration

Leverage a common data classification framework to satisfy a range of use cases through integration with Veritas Alta™ products.

Intelligent Data Protection

Identify and safeguard sensitive data using machine learning to target and apply appropriate controls.

Data Discovery with Classification

Surface sensitive data automatically and remove noise to minimize the time and effort associated with review.

Activate a universal data classification experience.

Veritas Alta Classification identifies relevant data through a single console at the source, within the archive, or during eDiscovery.

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Latest Release: Veritas Alta Classification

  • Detect off-channel signaling to text, phone, email, file shares, as well as dozens of the most common social media platforms, from Amino to WhatsApp
  • Improve the handling of large files for Data Insight with the ability to separate thread-handling text extraction from the rest of the classification process
  • New United States data-protection laws and policies directly align to new U.S. state-based privacy legislation
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Ensure accurate results and streamline data classification.

Veritas Alta Classification delivers market-leading automated data classification using various techniques powered by artificial intelligence.

  • Identify over 1,100 data types using expert trained patterns out of the box, or customize your own
  • Leverage AI/NLP with language detection and sentiment analysis as well as advanced keyword conditions, regular expressions, exact data match, document similarity, and more
  • Test policies and view results with hit highlighting before enabling in production

Reduce compliance risk with advanced data analytics.

Veritas Alta Classification comes equipped with pre-built templated policies that align directly to all significant regulations globally, including FINRA, SEC, MiFID II, GDPR, CPRA, HIPAA, PCI, ITAR, SOX, and more.

  • Automatically detect and remove noise leading to false positives, which drastically improves review
  • Surface compliance violations with more than 250 best-in-class, preconfigured and customizable policies
  • Remediate and reduce compliance risk to your data with unmatched flexibility and versatility
It would be cumbersome to search messages with Microsoft 365 alone, and I couldn’t confidently say we’d have all we needed. And that’s really the driving factor. Now our discovery searches reveal who said what to whom.
Geoff Pangonis
Messaging Administrator

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