Availability and performance for cloud and on-premises applications.

A software bridge between applications and IT infrastructure.

InfoScale is a proven solution that delivers a common availability platform across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Through direct integration with enterprise applications, it provides high availability and disaster recovery for a wide array of critical business services. With InfoScale, you can increase application uptime and optimize performance with confidence and ease.

Single solution for availability across your IT infrastructure.

For industry leaders, from small enterprises to multinational organizations, deploying InfoScale puts you a step ahead of your digital transformation.

Downtime Avoidance

Reduces downtime from 4 hours to 5 minutes per event.

Cost Optimization

Consolidates and provides visibility, reducing costs by 50%.

Business Agility

Accelerates deployments from months to hours.

Downtime avoidance.

Surpass application service level agreements (SLAs) for all your IT platforms.

  • Protect business-critical applications that require zero downtime
  • Execute high availability and disaster-recovery scenarios with confidence
  • Orchestrate mission-critical services across all physical, virtual, cloud, and on-premises environments

Hybrid-cloud ready.

Achieve application availability and mobility from on-premises to the cloud, and back.

  • Support hybrid cloud deployments to minimize cloud service disruptions
  • Enable the agility to move your workloads to meet your changing business needs
  • Simplify the orchestration of complex, multi-tier services to ensure success

Veritas™ Application Mobility Service.

For qualified InfoScale customers Veritas provides a value-added service to automate the migration of your applications.

  • Discover: Automatic discovery of your existing applications, dependencies, and configuration details
  • Create: Uses the information discovered to guide the creation of a customized migration plan using best practices to ensure success
  • Provision: Execute this plan and automatically provision the appropriate cloud resources and resiliency scheme
  • Migrate: After the applications are installed, the application data is replicated to the cloud
  • Verify: Confirm that your cloud environment meets your application goals as your production environment continues to run without disruption

Business agility.

Empower application mobility for optimal performance and predictable operating expenses.

  • Reduce expenses by migrating applications and data to the cloud
  • Move between physical, virtual, cloud, and container platforms
  • Avoid vendor lock-in inefficiencies

Veritas InfoScale™ for Kubernetes.

Delivering enterprise-class persistent storage and workload mobility.

  • Provide resiliency with automated or manual disaster recovery, and fast failover for node failures
  • Gain mobility with the ability to easily migrate persistent storage volumes across hybrid cloud environments
  • Increase efficiency by leveraging existing server and SAN storage to create multiple classes of persistent storage volumes

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