Secure Your Entire Data Estate

Strengthen your resilience with cybersecurity solutions.

Protect, detect, and recover rapidly at enterprise scale.

Veritas solutions deliver the fundamental capabilities needed to strengthen your cybersecurity posture and keep your data and applications safe and resilient across any environment.

Obtain Full Data Visibility

Gain clarity through data visibility.

Scan for Anomalies & Malware

Monitor and scan your critical data with powerful AI tools.

Reduce Attack Surfaces

Implement a Zero Trust posture.

Rehearse Recovery Protocols

Run recovery rehearsals without disrupting production.

Implement Immutable Storage

Combat ransomware with air gapped immutable storage.

Recover at Enterprise Scale

Optimize for rapid and complete recovery.

Gain clarity through data visibility.

Thirty-five percent of data is “dark,” creating an easy target for hackers. Veritas enables complete data observability, capture, and archiving across your entire multi-vendor data estate, both in the cloud and on-premises. Through continuous monitoring and infrastructure awareness, we provide a single, comprehensive view across storage, backup, and cloud vendors—enabling you to visualize risks, prioritize sensitive files, and ensure compliance.

Implement a Zero Trust posture.

Cybercriminals often search for confidential information or login credentials to gain access and move laterally across your environment. Veritas data protection solutions—built on the Zero Trust principle of trust nothing, verify everything—deliver proven infrastructure protection and data safeguards both in the cloud and on-premises. This includes powerful scale-out architecture that protects data from all sources, reduces attack surfaces, and prevents large-scale disruption with network security, identity and access management (IAM), and data encryption—in-transit and at-rest.

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Are You Ransomware-Ready?

Find out what it’s like to experience a cyber attack from two perspectives—with Veritas and without. Explore the Cyber Resiliency Timeline and get a quick assessment of your own cybersecurity posture.

Combat ransomware with air gapped immutable storage.

As a best practice, the 3-2-1+1 backup methodology calls for at least three copies of your data, at least two distinct medium types (such as disk and cloud), at least one offsite or segregated copy, and at least one copy on immutable and indelible storage. When a ransomware attack occurs, it is critical to have a copy of data that is isolated and available to analyze to maintain business continuity. Veritas offers a turnkey pull-based Isolated Recovery Environment (IRE) solution that enables air gapped backup copies by isolating a copy of your critical data. This provides administrators with a clean set of files on demand to neutralize the impact from a ransomware attack.

The Veritas IRE is based on our powerful Flex Appliances, which enable container-based multi-tenant WORM storage with hardened OS and a Zero Trust architecture with no additional license cost.

With integrated anomaly and malware detection, Veritas IRE provides a built-in intrusion prevention system designed to stop cyber threats from propagating across your operating environments.

Unique to our IRE solution is the method of replication via a pull request from the source through a specific window as defined in the IRE air gap schedule, giving you greater control over data flow and security.

Monitor and scan your critical data with powerful AI tools.

Veritas utilizes AI-powered anomaly detection and proactive malware scanning to identify abnormal behavior within your backup data and provide advanced warning of a ransomware event. Unusual activity such as access requests and file access patterns or extensions can be early indications of malware. With Veritas solutions, you can maintain a complete view of user activity and data infrastructure, conduct regular cyber threat reconnaissance—whether on-prem or in the cloud—and gain deeper insights about your production environment.

  • Receive alerts any time there is unusual activity or an infiltration takes place
  • Integrate seamlessly with industry-leading malware scanners
  • Use the detection engine to calculate a parameter based on historical data, which can be adjusted to reduce false positives
  • Gain the efficiency of an AI-based policy system without sacrificing human oversight

Run recovery rehearsals without disrupting production.

In the event of a cyberattack or cyber incident, having a rapid recovery response plan is crucial. The longer data and applications remain unavailable or compromised, the greater the risk to your operational continuity, not to mention potential hits to your finances and reputation. Veritas facilitates regular, non-disruptive recovery rehearsals and validations so you always feel in control of your data, even when a crisis occurs.

Ensure your applications and critical data are cyber resilient with the ability to run full or partial sandboxed recovery rehearsals.

Deliver near-instantaneous automated recovery to keep your applications and data highly available for the always-on business cycle.

Use intelligent monitoring and automated recovery protocols to keep operations and services resilient from edge to core to cloud.

Optimize for rapid recovery at enterprise scale.

A cyberattack or cyber incident can leave your organization needing to recover an entire data center on-prem or in the cloud, or in some cases, just a subset. Veritas offers the only multi-cloud platform capable of recovering both applications and data across different hypervisors, operating systems, storage arrays, and cloud providers, giving you the flexibility to better manage your data at scale.

  • Easily shift workloads across clouds in the event of an outage or even repatriate data and applications to on-premises
  • Get orchestrated, one-click recovery at any level, without restriction
  • Optimize recovery of business-critical data with near-zero RPOs and RTOs

Protect against ransomware at the edge with purpose-built appliances.

NetBackup Appliances enable rapid and secure deployment of enterprise-class ransomware protection that is proven resilient at the edge. Find out how these turnkey appliances enhance cybersecurity while keeping costs down.

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