Managed Services

Comprehensive 24x7 monitoring, management and support of your backup and archiving environments.

Relentless focus on your most critical asset.

Veritas provides a single point of accountability for transformation and management of information protection and retention environments. Informed by a deep understanding of your business goals and expected outcomes – we help to transform, operate and optimize your investments and keep them performing at peak efficiency.

End-to-End Information Protection.

Veritas manages your multivendor data protection environments. We help to minimize business downtime, simplify operations, reduce costs, improve compliance posture and maximize the ROI of your storage and data protection investments.


Protect your organization: Take action to secure your information and organization operations.

  • Establish clear accountability and simplify management
  • Gain confidence in your disaster recovery plans – DR testing and DR incident support
  • Increase data protection and recovery assurance – 99.85% backup and 99.999% restore past success rates

Active end-to-end management: Ready when you need it most.

  • Every minute matters – 15-minute Priority 1 response
  • 24/7, SLA-backed delivery
  • End-to-End, multi-vendor backup application and infrastructure management

Optimized access to your data.

Continuous monitoring, management and support to simplify operations and maximize the value and performance of your Enterprise Vault investment. Deep information insights and compliance are vital to maintaining a high performance business. Veritas Managed Enterprise Vault provides platform stability and predictability that you need and want.

  • Minimize your information risk by making archives available and searchable
  • Protect your business by bridging IT, legal and business needs
  • Optimize operational efficiency
  • Increase the value of your Veritas investment

Maximize eDiscovery case management and accelerate discovery.

Veritas Managed eDiscovery Services provide continuous monitoring, management and support for your Veritas eDiscovery Platform environment. We apply deep expertise and proven methods to improve the efficiency and quality of your eDiscovery Platform operations, helping minimize bottom-line costs and freeing you to focus on what matters – your electronic discovery results.

Freedom to focus on eDiscovery case management without the need to manage underlying eDiscovery technology.

  • SLA-backed eDiscovery case management
  • Expert support for eDiscovery infrastructure stakeholders
  • Case management support add-on option

Proactive eDiscovery management: Expert help in improving uptime and platform readiness, increasing the capacity and throughput of your eDiscovery capabilities. 

  • 24/7 monitoring, management and maintenance
  • Responsive incident management
  • Ongoing application of engineering updates, patches and upgrades

Curb costs and maximize results: Reduce the effort and resources associated with the operation and maintenance of eDiscovery infrastructure and software.

  • Reduce efforts and operations risks
  • Free staff to focus on critical and strategic activities
  • Around-the-clock, eDiscovery operations and support


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